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Aprons Cooking School Jacksonville

aprons cooking school jacksonville

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apron garden

apron garden

Aprons and linens I rescued from Grandma and Grandpa's house before they cleared it out this week. They needed washing and airing out, so I put them over the fence in my garden.

The half aprons belonged to my grandmother and were made by her, and the full apron was my great-grandmother's. I believe that the lacy linens were made by my great-grandmother, since they were in the drawer with the apron.

Me Sporting My New Apron

Me Sporting My New Apron

I sent a friend some quilting books and she sent me an apron... an apron that she sewed! Isn't it pretty!

I won't be posting photos for a while. I will have surgery on my shoulder this coming Wednesday. A thought or prayer would be appreciated for me that day.

In a couple of weeks I should feel like browsing y'all's photos again.

aprons cooking school jacksonville

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